A Version

Logline: When Amir and Amna, a newly married Muslim-American couple visit the therapist to hash out their differences, we, the audience, get to see exactly what they’re complaining about.

Synopsis: A Version stems from our own experiences in relationships that we wish we could have built through the help of counseling, guidance, and self-awareness. It is a series that explores the challenges of growing up within joint-family units while being multi- lingual, brown, and Muslim. The show treads the line of “Eastern vs. Western” and how our Pakistani culture and Muslim religion meshes with our Western ideals.

Amir and Amna are a young Muslim couple who can be more forgiving to themselves and each other. Their thoughts about visiting an Imam for therapy, playing badminton, and tardiness on a V-day date become full-fledged arguments that their American therapist attempts to mediate.

In other words, it isn’t the big things, it’s the small things that become big…

Runtime: 10 Minutes

Director/Writer: Asad Farooqui