Any Given Night

Logline: In a utopian world, two college best friends party their way through a bizarre night filled with alcohol and strange men.

Synopsis: Unapologetic, unabashed and determined to have a great night out, Noor and Emily party their way through a seemingly ordinary night out. Or so they thought. These two best friends navigate an increasingly bizarre night of crushes, too much alcohol, and strange men. Set in a utopian world, where women are always safe, the girls have nothing to worry about. Yet, something doesn’t quite feel right. This dark comedy challenges the way in which women’s safety is viewed in society today. Following a night out with two young liberal arts college students, it questions the ways in which women are forced to be vigilant about every little thing.

Runtime: 14 Minutes

Director: Saniya Mirwani

Producer: Caralene Robinson; Meghana Murthy