Dil Rakh Gloves of Kin

Logline: After spending twenty years in prison, an East Indian father attempts to reconcile with his estranged son while they battle racism in a small town.

Synopsis: After 20 years behind bars, Sukh Sidhu yearns to mend the shattered bond with his estranged son, Dayton, who has grown up without him amidst the suffocating grip of racism in their small town. Struggling to reintegrate quietly into society, Sukh finds himself facing hostility from a corrupt sheriff and shady characters from the past, leaving both him and Dayton in a constant struggle for survival. Disheartened, Sukh realizes that despite the passage of time, racism and discrimination still plague their community. As they confront this adversity and uncover their past together, they must decide whether to stand and fight or succumb to despair. In a world where fighting may be the only option, their choices will shape their destinies, challenging them to rise above adversity and redefine their future together.

Runtime: 99 Minutes

Starring: Dalj Brar; Umar Farooq Khan; Joe Munroe; Gabriel Carter

Director/Producer: Dalj Brar