Dos Bros Force

Logline: In a struggling immigrant household, a little girl’s birthday wish, and her brother’s well-intentioned mistake teach their workaholic father that being present for their family is as important as working for their future.

Synopsis: Los Angeles, 1996. The Suras are a financially struggling immigrant household of four – Jay, the workaholic, never-at-home dad; Rekha, the mom and the heart of the family; 11-year-old introvert Vicky, and 8-year-old peppy little Isha. For her 9th birthday, Isha has only one wish – to get $12 dollars to play video games. Unable to convince her parents, she devises an ingenious plan with Vicky to raise money but when her plan fails, her reserved brother commits a well-intentioned mistake to fulfill her wish. Inspired by a true story, the innocent act of love will change their lives forever.

Runtime: 15 Minutes

Director: Kalyan Sura

Producer: Vijaykumar Mirchandani; Kalyan Sura