Logline: When her son’s life is put at risk at their family’s pre-wedding ritual, a hard-of-hearing mother must decide how to seek help for her husband in order to keep her family safe.

Synopsis: Karishma, hard-of-hearing, finds her son out of bed one late night swimming with her undiagnosed bipolar husband, Ram. Concerned, she clocks this as another one of Ram’s recent unpredictable behaviors. Against Ram’s wishes, Karishma decides to secretly speak up and seek help from her visiting mother-in-law, Shilpa, during her sister-in-law’s pre-wedding ceremony. But just like Ram, Shilpa quickly denies, dismisses and even blames Karishma for his condition. Ram confronts Karishma. When Ram’s new episode leads to the near death of their son in a drowning, Karishma finally stands her ground to protect her family and help Ram seek the help he so needs.

Runtime: 16 Minutes

Starring: Renu Razdan; Nikhil Prakash; Tyler Anton; Mona Sishodia

Director/Writer: Radha Mehta