Lullaby for Guli

Logline: Lullaby for Guli is written as a love letter to his mother and all mothers, with gorgeous atmospheric sitar music, landscapes, vivid cinematic sounds and cinematography.

Synopsis: Lullaby for Guli is made in loving memory of Mohamed Assanis’, One of the main character, late mother as well as in honour of all mothers. The first music he ever heard was in the form of lullabies sang to him by his mother, and the first stories he ever heard were the ones told to him as a child by his mother. 

This film is a tribute to the voices of our mothers whose stories and songs shape us and inspire us to become who we are. He is a musician by trade, so he uses the medium of music to tell this story. This is his way of returning the beautiful gift our mothers give us, by writing and performing this original lullaby in honour of them.

The film is unique as the whole story is told through the medium of music and there are no spoken words in the film. Mohamed really wanted to highlight the power of lullabies where a yound child may not understand the words but the soothing melodies and care of a mother does the magic. The film depicts Mohamed and his mother at two stages of their lives where you see them as a young child with his mother and a grown up man with his mother who is now much older but their bond and love is as beautiful as before. You can see and hear the gratitude from Mohamed towards his mother in this beautiful tribute to mothers. Normally mother’s sing lullabies for their children but here Mohamed humbly offers a lullaby to his mother and all mothers.

Runtime: 8 Minutes

Starring: Mohamed Assani; Rachel Viccaji

Writer: Mohamed Assani