Mother’s Tongue

Logline: After moving out of her family home and being estranged from her mother, Gurleen yearns to reconnect with her Punjabi culture through cooking. But as she attempts to do so, she quickly realizes she’s missing a crucial element, her mother’s touch.

Synopsis: Gurleen is learning how to cook pakoras from her mother, Chandani. She is eager to gain this knowledge, recognizing the importance of maintaining cultural traditions. However, when the lesson shifts towards the importance of being a good cook to service her future husband, she pushes back against the misogynic rhetoric. Unable to see eye-to-eye with Chandani, an argument ensues, causing Gurleen to abruptly end the lesson. A year passes, and Gurleen is living on her own, estranged from her mother. It isn’t until she witnesses a loving interaction with Lilly, a student she tutors, and her mother, Mrs. Leung, that Gurleen attempts to learn how to cook pakoras on her own. After a failed attempt and Gurleen giving up, she’s led to have a heart-felt conversation with Mrs. Leung, who encourages her to reconcile with her mother.

Runtime: 14 Minutes

Director: Vanesa Millado

Writer: Jaskaran Gill

Producer: Virinderpaul Singh; Jaskaran Gill