Raj - Lost & Found

Logline: A young man learns his family’s dark secret and is unable to accept the truth about his identity. Lost amongst strangers, he wanders aimlessly in the “The Kumbha mela” only to find the truth.

Synopsis: The film is about accepting ourselves. Mental health can affect us in ways that we are not aware of. We are not able to express our deep fears and our thoughts with the closest ones. The fear of being judged. It’s not about the separation/abandonment from the world, its how we separate ourselves from who we really are. The core of the film is we all lose something, but we also find ourselves in the process. The Ganga is a miracle as it demands us to be in the moment when we take a dip.  When I lost my father, I lost myself and had no self-love. The film is based on the journey of self-love. Only when we lose something, do we find something. And that’s where the title lost and found comes from.

Runtime: 15 Minutes

Starring: Sriharsh Sharma

Director: Saraswathi Vani Balgam

Producer: Vijaykumar Mirchandani