Logline: When her family’s financial struggles come to the surface, a young Indian mother must confront her own pride and conscience to keep her family afloat in Australia.

Synopsis: Set in inner-city Sydney in the early 90’s, STARCH follows Indira as she prepares dinner for her family. Her husband just got his first job in Australia, and her in-laws fly back to India tomorrow. With an infant at home and the rent past due, she’s counting on her luck to change.

But when her husband confides that there was no job, and with her in-laws breathing down her neck, Indira decides to steal cash from her mother-in-law’s purse. As dinner goes on, suspicions rise. How long can Indira keep up her lie?

Runtime: 16 Minutes

Starring: Gayatri Patel Bahl; Vinita Belani; Vandit Bhatt

Director/Writer: Ajai Vishwanath