Tiny Joy

Logline: A couple finds unexpected joy in their otherwise stagnant love life when he makes a tiny gesture.

Synopsis: Nancy and Akash are in couples therapy, because their love life has resorted to another item on their to-do list, which honestly doesn’t often get done. Nancy often flirts with her co-worker, but feels disconnected from him too. She is increasingly trapped at home with a non-stop list of household duties. But when she reaches a breaking point, her husband unexpectedly steps up to help with the tiniest of things, it sparks something inside of Nancy, a sort of joy she thought was long lost in her marriage.

Runtime: 11 Minutes

Starring: Dhruv Uday Singh; Elizabeth Ho; Sanvi Mehta; Amani Mehta; Sangeeta Agrawal

Director/Writer: Leena Pendharkar