To the Death

Logline: Two South Asian actresses in LA must fight to the death for a role because it’s physically impossible to have more than one brown person on a show.

Synopsis: We open on the two women – MENIK and YASMIN sitting in the foyer of a casting office, for the callbacks for a life changing role. As they wait, the women start talking to each other – the hints of a friendship blossoming. When the CASTING ASSISTANT comes out to call in the next actor, the women are informed THE PRODUCERS would like to see both of them together. In the audition room, the women are told that while they both are exceptional actors, “there can only be one”, so they must fight each other. Thinking they need to show the Producers their stunt training skills, Menik and Yasmin start choreographing an impressive fight sequence, laughing and joking as they go. The Producers stop them, irritated that they are not taking this seriously. The CASTING DIRECTOR spells out that they must kill each other, as “there can only be one.” This is a life changing role, so they must be willing to do what it takes. An epic Marvel-like fight ensues and Menik emerges triumphant, but mortified at how far she went to book a role. She stumbles, shellshocked, out of the audition room and finds two other actors in the foyer, waiting. Before she can warn them, the sinister Casting Director emerges. She stares at Menik, silently challenging her to say something to the other actors. We then see a BLOODIED HAND grab the Casting Director’s ankle and yank her away. Cut to Menik in her car, cleaning herself up and listening to a voice message from her agent telling her the Producers changed their mind and chose a different actor. Reveal a severely bruised and bloodied Yasmin in the passenger seat, alive and (somewhat) well. They are both running late for another audition callback, again in competition for the same role. They hint at joining forces to become some kind of vigilantes as they hold hands and drive off into the sunset, Thelma and Louise style. Before the credits role, we go back to the audition room to find the Producers, Casting Assistant and Casting

Runtime: 11 Minutes

Starring: Yasmin Kassim; Menik Gooneratne

Writer/ Producer: Menik Gooneratne; Yasmin Kassim