Wrong Side Up

Logline: After Vimi’s terminally ill father moves in with her, she uncovers her late mother’s affair.

Synopsis: Due to Arnab’s terminal cancer, he moves in with his daughter Vimi three months after his wife Sarika suddenly passed away from a heart attack. Though they have a warm relationship, they are forced to cohabitate and mourn together while also adjusting to a new lifestyle in which Vimi takes on Sarika’s role as Arnab’s caretaker. But when Vimi goes through her mother’s things, she finds Sarika’s phone and discovers that her mother was having an affair. Realizing she will never get all the answers she wants without hurting her father, she finally decides to meet her mother’s lover as a step closer to understanding her mom as a person beyond the perfect parent.

Runtime: 15 Minutes

Starring: Shubhangi Shekhar; Aashish Kuma

Director/Writer: Shubhangi Shekhar