Yatra: The Journey

Logline: After the two boys she tutors go missing, an Indian widow journeys into a mythical realm to rescue them from legendary demons straight out of the Indian epics of old.

Synopsis: Still reeling from the death of her husband, Padma, an Indian widow, is berated by her manager at work and has completely lost her faith. The only light in her life is the time she spends with the two boys she tutors, Ahsok and William, to whom she reads tales from the Ramayana. When the boys don’t come home one day, Padma finds herself transported through a portal, and embarks on a quest to rescue the boys from the clutches of legendary demons: the Rakshasa. Will Padma be able to overcome her grief and save the kids?

Runtime: 19 Minutes

Starring: Vee Kumari

Director: Gayatri Bajpai

Writer: David Barbeschi