Film Awards

Feature Film Awards

In Flames

This film's exceptional pacing and chilling realism make it this year’s standout. The technical execution is superb, showcasing the filmmaker's skill and talent. It bridges the Canadian-Pakistani diaspora, immersing viewers in a unique cinematic experience that evokes continuous dread for the protagonist. For filmmakers like us, it reignites our creative energy to witness cinema's transformative power through films like this.

Pine Cone

This film is a remarkable achievement, led by a pathbreaking filmmaker who offers a truly unique perspective. It's a bold endeavor to share a personal narrative while also providing a platform for actors who haven't had the opportunity to lead films before. The film's standout quality lies in its exceptional originality. It serves as a beacon for genuine South Asian representation and a powerful voice for the LGBTQ community, pushing boundaries and breaking new ground in storytelling.

Short Film Awards

Sweet Refuge

Watching this short film was an utterly delightful experience and filled us with heartwarming energy. Quirky and truly heartfelt, its charm gets under your heart and skin – and certainly finds its way to your stomach. In these tumultuous times, this film is a sweet treat for the audience to savor. As soon as the credits rolled, we found ourselves craving Baklava and Ladoos like never before.


This short film is truly pathbreaking for its unwavering focus on mental health awareness, especially within South Asian cultural context. It offers a transparent and profoundly insightful perspective from a female caregiver's point of view, as she supports a South Asian man during a mental health crisis. The cinematography is breathtaking, capturing the subject matter with exquisite precision. The care and attention dedicated to addressing this vital issue through filmmaking shine brightly throughout.

International Short Film Awards


This film tugs at the heartstrings with beautiful cinematography underscored by mellow but emotionally charged music. A refreshingly supportive mother-daughter-in-law relationship takes center stage as the story delves into the dilemma of pursuing one's dreams, conveying the isolation felt by the lead actress and the complex dynamics within a married couple. Empathy shines through every frame, and the film celebrates the immigrants’ pursuit of cultural preservation without self-hatred. It’s a promising showcase of a filmmaker with a bright future.

Foreigners Only

his film takes a unique yet highly effective approach to shed light on the inhumanity of celebrating fair skin. It offers profound, relatable moments, strong performances, and skillful execution of societal issues within the horror genre. It's a purposeful exploration of heavy themes, and pleasantly shocking with its intentional execution, excellent editing, and the filmmaker's clear voice. We can’t wait to see what he does next.

LGBTQ+ Short Film + $2000 Chas award by Sher Vancouver

My Mother Girlfriend

This film is a powerful affirmation for its audience with masterful visual storytelling and a genuine depiction of love between two women. The acting is exceptional, conveying deep emotions through subtle pauses and meaningful glances between characters. Through the lens of these characters, we witness an honest portrayal of relationships that unravels a lifetime of history at the climax of the film. What’s also unique is that through its seamless cinematography, it allows us to also experience India in a captivating way. It's truly a gem of a film

The Syed Family Xmas Eve Game Night

This short film beautifully depicts the heartwarming relationship between sisters within a modern family, challenging conservative Desi stereotypes. It boldly embraces unique character choices that unite two diverse communities of color. And what sets it apart is its light-hearted approach, emphasizing nuanced relationships within a narrative of acceptance. In short, this film is a refreshing and inclusive take on love and family dynamics.

Documentaries Awards

Against the Tides

This year's winner is an immersive and masterfully filmed documentary that blurs the lines between narrative storytelling and reality. The film provides a unique South Asian perspective on the fishing industry, exploring the clash between modernization and tradition, class differences, and a multifaceted narrative touching on friendship, climate change, and politics. It delivers a poignant message about global warming's impact on the fishing industry and the planet, without the need for narration. The familial characters all share a common theme: the struggle for survival, making this film a deeply compelling and thought-provoking cinematic experience.

Call Me Dancer

Our honorable mention this year is a classic underdog tale that beautifully captures the essence of hope, hard work, determination. From the captivating strength of a dancer throughout his journey, to the enlightening portrayal of the dance world and the profound mentor-student relationship, this documentary was a surprising and beautifully edited gem. It effortlessly delved into the complexities of India's dance culture, class dynamics, and the evolution of fully formed characters over time. What truly stood out was its commitment to authenticity, revealing the physical ups and downs of a dancer's life. It defied expectations by showcasing the Guru-protégé bond, while centering the richness of South Asian culture. In essence, this was not just a film but a mesmerizing dance in itself.